Tabula rasa

I don’t know what happened. Something went wrong with the server and now my work is gone. All gone. But I don’t mind. I do what I have always done in this kind of situations. Start all over again and go ahead.

I started blogging to activate my writing. I wrote, won and got bored. So, this time I try to practise my English (or finglish …). Now everyone who wants to play teacher can correct my mistakes. I don’t have to explain my use of language anymore to someone who don’t know anything about the schizo-analysis of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari.

Why did I get bored? I was sick and tired of being some kind of Mr. Blog of Finland. Mr. SchizoBlog of Universe is enough for me. I was sick and tired of hearing some morons tell me what to write and what not to write. I have never listened to anyone else than myself in these things. I write what I like and link to where I want.

You can always start your own blog and write about whatever you like. You can ask me to link to your blog, but if that won’t happen don’t get angry. I treat attention whores like I treat any whore. I go somewhere else because they don’t have anything I am willing to pay for.

SchizoBlog scored a success for which I am proud of. But that success had a price to pay. When I was a kid I learned that people are mean. And when one gains something great people turn out to be assholes … big time. Call it jealousy or something else, but I call it small mindedness. Some people are mean. And some people are hateful.

And you know what? I really considered to end this blog. It wasn’t fun anymore. I am actually glad that my archive is destroyed. The past of the SchizoBlog was real beast of burden in my back. Now I have empty table in front of my twisted eyes and I am eager to tell you how they see this world (wide web).

And this is what SchizoBlog was about in the first place. Diaries are boring shit. I don’t like to read writings about someone’s life. People are interesting, but their writing is usually really unimaginative and lifeless. Especially people reading bloggers who write about their “scandalous life” is the lowest point of blogging. I hate confessions. I have nothing to confess because there isn’t the concept of the sin in my life. I left that bullshit behind me long time ago. I have better things to do in my life.

“Nothin’ but yeah!” That’s my tagline and that what SchizoBlog is about. SchizoBlog is dead. Long live the SchizoBlog!!

P.S. Bug reports are extremely welcome.

13 vastausta artikkeliin “Tabula rasa

  1. Welcome back. Nice simplistic layout. Very easy to read.

    And only a few errors here and there, nothing worth pointing out really. You’ll catch on eventually. (


  2. Seems my previous comment shows up before Nikke’s even if I left mine some two hours after him… sorry for the duplicate, feel free to delete this comment.


  3. I see that the Start From a Clean Table -approach is gaining followers. I get all weepy. Perhaps it’s time to delete those archieves again.


  4. ”You were a Mr. Blog of Finland? Live and learn…”

    Naama oli Kuukausiliitteessä. Riittää näemmä nimitykseen.

    Toivottavasti ei uuden blogin myötä kasaannu liikaa mainetta. Eivät kateelliset pääse kiusaamaan.


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