The Next Internet Millionaire

Internet millionaire Joel Comm has announced audition for the reality show Next Internet Millionaire.

OK. What’s the catch? One can win 25 000 dollars cash and an opportunity to make millions with Joel Comm. I think the series’ name should be ”I Want to Be The Next Donald Trump … Are You With Me?”.

[via The Blog Herald]

2 vastausta artikkeliin “The Next Internet Millionaire

  1. I believe we’re in the middle of Internet History here! And if the questions is, ”Are You With Me?” – my answer is a HUGE and ENTHUSIASTIC, ”YES I AM!” 😉

    I WANT to be one of the twelve contestants picked to go out West – and I’m actively campaigning to make it happen!

    Go to and check out my Audition Video. Then please vote for me – and if you REALLY want to help me out ask everyone you know to do the same!

    Best of luck to ALL the other people auditioning!

    I appreciate your vote and hope you have a DYNAMITE day!



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